LPWAN – A cornerstone for many IoT use cases!

Low Power Wide Area Network or LPWAN is an emerging technology that has a very clear value for the fast growing IoT world. Regardless of the reason for why you would want to connect somethings there are some basic components needed in any solution:

A device, could be a computer, chipset, sensor etc etc. its an never ending list and growing fast

  • A connection, this can by by wire or wireless.
  • A receiving end, usually some sort of backend with a database and a user interface

LPWAN addresses the connection by providing some very key features to any IoT application, it addresses:

  • Reach – making sure that the device has contact with the world. Some (not all) LPWANs uses the free transmission spectrum. This provides better reach but lower bandwith – perf
    ect for many IoT uses cases that includes sensor data and metrics only.
  • Security – making hard for tampering with either the data or the device
  • Money – IoT use cases can include many thousands of sensors, so simple and cost effective sensors have big impact on the investment. As LPWAN sensor consumes very little battery (there are sensors running up to 10 years on 3 AA batteries) this too has big impact on maintenance and opens up for a whole new range of IoT use cases.

There are many different LPWANs in the works right now, here is good overview, thanks Infiswift for sharing.




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